New surprise in the World Cup: Colombia falls, with ten, against Japan 1-2

New surprise in the World Cup: Colombia falls, with ten, against Japan 1-2
    New surprise in the World Cup: Colombia falls, with ten, against Japan 1-2
    The players from Japan celebrate the second goal against Colombia and the victory. EFE / ERIK S. LESSER New surprise in the World Cup, this time in the Group H. Japan obscured the panorama of Colombia in Russia 2018 after prevailing in Sarank for the first time in its history (1-2), and leaving the South American team with little margin of error to progress in the competition. 

    Colombia, dressed in a great reputation won four years ago, in Brazil 2014, where she reached the quarterfinals, did not overcome the numerous setbacks she encountered in the initial minutes of the clash. He did not give to complete a comeback with the numerical inferiority with which he stayed since the minute 3. Therefore, all the plans, all the strategy of the board was nothing. José Pékerman left James Rodríguez on the bench. 

    The midfielder of Bayern Munich, with muscular fatigue and absent in some training, remained in the bank. The Argentine coach prefers fresh men against a tough rival, physically demanding and who usually impose a high rhythm. However, this time Japan does not attract the expectations of previous times. In his sixth consecutive participation he no longer has that group of footballers compact and united for the cause. 

    In fact, it gives the feeling of being a set that languishes, especially because of the change of coach he had to perform just two months ago and that led Akira Nishino from Hitachi to his national team. Everything was put face to the Eastern set to win for the first time in its history to Colombia. In the third minute, the game gave a romp. Goal opportunity, penalty and red-card expulsion from Roca Sánchez. An opportunity that Kawanga did not miss to score. Nobody expected this scenario. 

    Colombia accused the blow. With one player less harassed his rival but without order. In sporadic actions. Japan, however, found free passage in the Ospina area. A team with more packaging than the Japanese would have made his opponent fierce and would have closed the game. Pékerman came into action. He withdrew to Cuadrado, a more than valid option to attack but unreliable in the rearguard. Especially with one player less. He pulled Wilmar Barrios to balance the set before the interval. But Japan, one of those teams that always sins of innocence even though their average age is high and their players with experience, conceded a puerile goal that prevented them from leading the interim and encouraging their rival. 

    Everything failed in Nishino's painting. The barrier was wrong and jumped in advance. Juan Quintero was alive. He threw satin, stuck to the stick. And the eastern goal Elij Kawashima swallowed the ball. He concealed the goalkeeper of Mainz with the ball in his hands. There was no need for the VAR or the hawk's eye. He had crossed the line clearly. The staging of the second half seemed to show Japan more daring. Ospina resolved a one on one with Osako, who never seems to calculate his shot. The Arsenal goalkeeper showed off in a distant, intentional shot from Takashi Inui, who showed danger whenever he came into play. 

    In the absence of half an hour came James's moment. The former Real Madrid player came to the rescue of Colombia, which began to accuse the effort of playing in inferiority. He took the place of Quintero. His entry reactivated the rest and also the stands. He looked for a similar effect Nishino and turned to Taisuke Honda. Nothing comparable in quality. But for Japan, it generates its image abroad. The result was immediate. The player currently in the Mexican Pachuca executed a corner. 

    It was the first ball that touched Honda, that put the center in the head of Osako to take it to the network and to advance to Japan, that made shreds to its rival by the right band. Genki Haraguchi left in evidence more than once Johan Mojica and Jose Izquierdo, in charge of that wing. In desperation, he looked for the Colombia draw, which plagued James with responsibility. He hung balls and Calos Bacca, who had left before Japan's second goal, when Pekerman still relied on victory. 1-2 final and Colombia follows in the footsteps of Germany: it loses and surprises.
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