Peru vs Denmark LIVE World Cup 2018: Kick-off time, what channel, prediction, team news, betting odds

Peru vs Denmark LIVE World Cup 2018: Kick-off time, what channel, prediction, team news, betting odds
    Peru vs Denmark LIVE World Cup 2018: Kick-off time, what channel, prediction, team news, betting odds
    Peru vs Denmark LIVE World Cup 2018: Kick-off time, what channel, prediction, team news, betting odds. Six hours after the start of the match between France and Australia, the other two representatives of Group C - Denmark and Peru - will join the game. This match is very important for them. The team that won here will make a weighty application for the overall success of the group. What forecast will be optimal for this meeting?


    Peru's entry to the World Cup was a real sensation. "Inca" miraculously took the fifth place in the selection, having managed to get ahead of the Chilean national team at the expense of additional indicators. In many ways the team Ricardo Gareki in this helped a successful finish. In the final five meetings, the Incas earned 11 points, beating Uruguay 2: 1, Bolivia 2: 1 and Ecuador 2: 1, as well as a draw with Argentina 0: 0 and Colombia 1: 1. In the playoffs, the Peruvians defeated New Zealand - 0: 0, 2: 0.

    In friendly encounters, the Incas in every possible way proved the non-randomness of their entry into the World Cup. Of the five friendly matches this year, Peru won four. And beat the players Gareki Croatia - 2: 0, Iceland - 3: 1, Scotland - 2: 0 and Saudi Arabia - 3: 0. Did not manage to defeat the Peruvians only the national team of Sweden - 0: 0.

    The team of our experts prepared a forecast for the match Peru - Denmark, in which you can find out the winner of the fight.

    At the World Championships "Incas" did not appear long ago. The last time the Peruvian team performed at the mundiale in 1982. Then the South Americans could not leave the group with Poland, Italy and Cameroon, taking the last place in it. But at the last Copa, America Peru performed perfectly. They won the group with Brazil, Ecuador and Haiti, losing in the quarter-finals of Colombia on penalties.


    For Denmark, participation in the mundiale is more common, but the Oge Hareide team also approaches this football championship in a hungry state. "The Scarlet Guards" lost the last two selections, not qualifying either for the World Cup in Brazil, or for the Euro in France. This selection for Denmark, too, was on the verge of failure, because the team Hareide lost two of the three starting matches. But then the team managed to get together and win the second place. And in the playoffs Denmark beat Ireland - 5: 1.

    Prepare for the World Cup Danes, like Peru, conducted well. Wards Hareide beat Panama - 1: 0 and Mexico - 2: 0, and also played a draw with Chile - 0: 0 and Sweden - 0: 0.

    The last time Denmark played in the mundiale in 2010. Then the "Scarlet Guards" did not leave the group, losing to Holland - 0: 2 and Japan - 1: 3, and also defeating Cameroon - 2: 1.

    In friendly matches Iceland was not impressed. It is connected. First of all, the fact that the mentor conducted experiments with the composition, but in general Icelandic game was far from the one they demonstrated in the qualification. In the first fight there was a defeat from Norway - Iceland lost 2: 3 in Reykjavik. With Ghana the Icelanders played more confidently - had an advantage in two goals in the first half, but after the next manipulations of Hadlgrimsson with the composition, they allowed the opponent to equalize.

    Iceland's national team coach hopes for a lot on the tournament debut for his team. In the interview, he noted that the current generation of Icelandic players is "golden", and with this team, he can achieve a lot.

    2018 World Cup. Group stage (Group C). Round 1

    When: June 16, 19:00
    Where: Saransk, Mordovia-Arena
    Broadcast: TV Match

    Approximate compositions:

    Peru: Galès-Trauco, Rodriguez, Ramos, Advinkula-Jotun, Tapia-Cueva, Farfán, Carrillo-Guerrero.
    Denmark: Schmeichel - Larsen, Christensen, Kjær, Dalsgård - Dileyny, Kvist - Sisto, Eriksen, Poulsen - Jorgensen.

    The history of the meetings: the teams will meet for the first time in history.

    Forecast of bookmakers: bookmakers carefully approach the forecasts for this match; the coefficients for all three outcomes are fairly even. Thus, Peru is given a victory for 3.5, for a draw - 3.3, for the success of the Danes - 2.2.

    Interesting facts: in the composition of the Peruvian team one of the main stars is Jefferson Farfan - the leader of the Moscow "Locomotive" and one of the key figures in the past season, which became for the "railroad" gold.

    One of the most promising players in the Danish national team - Pionea Sisto - is a child of immigrants from Southern Sudan; the player himself was born in Uganda, but in his childhood he moved to Denmark together with his family.
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