World Cup 2018, Argentina vs Iceland: Lionel Messi-Led Argentina To Make Early Statement
World Cup 2018, Argentina vs Iceland: Lionel Messi-Led Argentina To Make Early Statement, The star-studded Argentine team will begin its journey at the World Championships with a duel against the debutant of the Icelandic team tournament. What to expect from the match?


Argentina was a step away from triumph at the last World Championships, but the victory by Mario Getze's efforts escaped her. The performance of "albiseleste" on the Brazilian "mundiale" could not be called enchanting - the team either won with a margin of one goal, or at all the main time ended in a draw. Nevertheless, the tournament as a whole for the Argentine national team was very successful, and now the team is burning with a desire to at least repeat it. About the perspectives of Argentina in the group told our experts in a special material.

In the qualification, the team of Jorge Sampaoli was sometimes horrible, the mega-star composition of the "albiselest" fought like a fish against the saturated defense of Peru, Venezuela, and others. Disappointing performances almost left Argentina without the World Cup, and only in the last round Messi and the company managed to get themselves a ticket to Russia.

With friendly matches, Sampaoli decided not to zealous - in May, the Argentines beat Haiti 4-0 at home, and on this the team decided to stop. Sampaoli paid great attention to tactical training, gave players enough time to rest. In the team, the situation is positive, it was noted by reserve goalkeeper Willie Caballero, who jokingly noted that the form of his team completely depends on the form of Lionel Messi. In this joke there is some truth, because it is the forward of "Barcelona" will be the main character of Argentina ahead.


Iceland debuts at the World Championship. Team Argentina, probably not the best contender for the debut, but the lot fell that way. The road to the "mundial" team of Haymir Hadlgrimsson paved itself at the cost of huge efforts - in a group with Ukraine, Turkey, Croatia, the Icelanders were the first. Hudgrymsson's team made perfect use of misfires favorites, and while they were solving questions among themselves, imperceptibly broke into the first line.

In friendly matches Iceland was not impressed. It is connected. First of all, the fact that the mentor conducted experiments with the composition, but in general Icelandic game was far from the one they demonstrated in the qualification. In the first fight there was a defeat from Norway - Iceland lost 2: 3 in Reykjavik. With Ghana the Icelanders played more confidently - had an advantage in two goals in the first half, but after the next manipulations of Hadlgrimsson with the composition, they allowed the opponent to equalize.

Iceland's national team coach hopes for a lot on the tournament debut for his team. In the interview, he noted that the current generation of Icelandic players is "golden", and with this team, he can achieve a lot.

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