Argentine Del Potro arrives at the final of the US Open after Nadal's withdrawal
Argentine Juan Martin del Potro was able to reach the final of Flushing Meadows for the second time in his career after Rafael Nadal withdrew after an injury to his knee.

The two players began to meet strongly, and Rafa's movements were good until he asked the doctor to intervene to put a ligament on his knee without stopping the play for treatment.

Rafa's knee ligament movements were removed in the next game and the two players broke the break to go through the tiebreak to settle the first set.

Delleppo has a big shot which was the most important factor in the break of the tie that he settled in his favor to achieve a group that facilitates competition.

Nadal asked the doctor to intervene again, as he was unable to move completely in the second set and was unable to catch up with the balls or prepare well and told the referee during one of his runs that he will withdraw from the meeting, but Nadal continued until the end of the group decided by the Delbo break to send Nadal.

Nadal has been suffering from knee problems since his match with Khashanov in the third round of the tournament, and long matches with Thim and Khashanov made it worse.

When Nadal was asked about his injuries at the conference after the meeting, he replied, "This time the pain was more disturbing. It was not an upsurge. It happened in one movement. I know what I have. As always, a new treatment. I do not know how long it will take. I know what to do because I have a lot of experience in it "

With the win, Delbaugh reached the final of Flushing Meadows nine years after his first title, looking for a second Grand Slam title when the winner is expected to meet Djokovic and Nishikuri.
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