Arkano: "It's a fight, but no bad rolls" national final of the Red Bull Battle 2018

Arkano: "It's a fight, but no bad rolls" national final of the Red Bull Battle 2018
    Arkano: "It's a fight, but no bad rolls" national final of the Red Bull Battle 2018
    Arkano: "It's a fight, but no bad rolls" national final of the Red Bull Battle.,The Valencian rapper will be tonight one of the judges of the national final of the Red Bull Battle of the Roosters

    Lately he is a bit overshadowed by the trap, but the rap of all life is still a genre in vogue between the girl. This is demonstrated by the expectation generated by the national final of the Red Bull Battle of the Roosters that is celebrated today in style at the Wizink Center.

    "It's true that the trap has eaten a bit of rap, but it still enjoys great health," says Arkano, national champion of the Red Bull Battle of the Roosters in 2009 with only 15 years, international champion in 2015 and holder of a Guinness record after improvising more than 24 hours at the Puerta del Sol.

    He is one of the judges who will settle tonight who is the new champion of the Roosters, that is, the rapper who best ridicules his opponent improvising on the fly. In the appointment will be the faces 16 MC's in an intense battle to occupy the throne reserved for the best freestyler in Spain. Between the candidates they are the finalists of the regional one of Seville (Sweet Pain, Robledo, Kensuke and Mowlihawk), of Barcelona (Walls, BTA, and Eude) and of Valencia (Tirpa, Errecé, Hander and Zasko Master), besides Botta, winner of the Last Chance held in Gijón, and the heavyweights of 2017: Force, Blon and Elekipo. «I think we are facing the most open final of recent years»; says Arkano. "In other editions there was always a clear favorite. For example, last year everyone said that Chuty was going to win, and he won. The same happened with Skone, and also with me. The year I won all the bets went for me. But this is not happening in this edition, it's all very open, with several visible heads. There is a lot of level and a lot of diversity. It will be exciting ».

    Nothing prepared from home

    As a judge, Arkano knows that improvisation "does not stop being an artistic discipline in which subjectivity plays a very important role". But if he had to explain what he is looking for as a judge, "I would say that above all, I like to note that everything that is rapped is really improvised, that nothing is brought from home and played with the stimuli that you have in the moment. From there, the one that is more ingenious, has more rhythm and uses more complex metrics, is the one that takes my votes ».

    It also tells a lot about how the improviser interacts with the audience. "The judges have a notebook where we go scoring details that give points," explains Arkano, but that, for example, is difficult to translate into points. However, when that relationship with the stands is good in a very obvious way, it sure translates into points. " When he presented himself to these battles, he knew how to take each puja with integrity. "Although it may seem a lie, everything is a theater and then when we get off the stage we are all colleagues. It's a fight but always without bad scrolls, "says Arkano, who has only offended" a little "when once a well-known old rapper has used" something personal ". Even so, this Valencian rapper assures that he has never felt really offended because he does not belong "to any oppressed collective. Deep down I am a white kid with a good economic position ».

    The debate of censorship in music has also arrived, "of course", to the battles of roosters. «Each time you are more careful with what is said, and I think there are some who are moderating their content because of these limits that are being set. Although there are some who are still as beasts as always. Wealth is still in the picture, but the debate exists. For me, an artist should always say what he wants, but then admit criticism from the public that does not agree with him. Freedom of expression, and freedom of pressure. "

    In December, Arkano will face the best in the world in the international final, which will take place in Argentina. "It will be difficult because I will face Wos, who is from there. The public factor is always very important, but I'm really looking forward to playing, so we'll see what happens. "
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