South Korea vs Uruguay Live Streaming Today 12/10/2018 Friendly Predictions, Betting Tips

South Korea vs Uruguay Live Streaming Today 12/10/2018 Friendly Predictions, Betting Tips
    South Korea vs Uruguay Live Streaming Today 12/10/2018 Friendly Predictions, Betting Tips
    South Korea vs Uruguay Live Streaming Today 12/10/2018 Friendly Predictions, Betting Tips , South Korea vs Uruguay Prediction 12 - 10 - 2018 Friendship - In this opportunity, we will try to give a prediction for the South Korea match against Uruguay which will soon be rolling on October 12, 2018. Where this match will be held in Seoul World Cup Stadium (Seoul). Friday 18.00 WIB.

    Ball Prediction - Heavy matches will be played by the South Korean national team at the Friendship event. This week they will entertain Uruguay which is certainly not a careless team. For this reason South Korea will try hard to use the advantage of playing at home to be able to achieve positive results. The home coach is hoping for the support of their public this week.

    It is hoped that with this support, mentally playing the retainer of South Korea will be better prepared. South Korea match records in the last 3 games are pretty good. 2 wins and 1 draw are their capital ahead of this match. A draw in South Korea's last match was won against Chile.

    And entertaining Uruguay this time is more or less the same considering they are also from the Americas. The visitors came with a good mentality to the headquarters of South Korea. Cavani and friends will definitely play with their best squad in this match later. and facing South Korea this time is not new to Uruguay.

    Records of the team's last meeting were won by Uruguay with a thin score of 0 - 1. Of course this week Uruguay will again try to win in front of the South Korean public. But it looks like the South Korean squad will not allow the visitors to master the game easily. Strict resistance will be carried out by South Korea to be able to achieve positive results this week.

    Head to head South Korea vs Uruguay:

    Sen 08/09/14 PER South Korea 0-1 Uruguay
    Sat 26/06/10 PID Uruguay 2-1 South Korea
    Sat 24/03/07 PER South Korea 0-2 Uruguay
    Thurs 21/06/90 PID South Korea 0-1 Uruguay

    The last five games from South Korea:

    Mon 18/06/18 PID Sweden 1 - 0 South Korea
    Sat 23/06/18 PID South Korea 1-2 Mexico
    Rab 27/06/18 PID South Korea 2-0 Germany
    Fri 07/09/18 PER South Korea 2- 0 Costa Rica
    Cell 11/09/18 PER South Korea 0-0 Chile

    The last five games from Uruguay:

    Wed 20/06/18 PID Uruguay 1 - 0 Saudi Arabia
    Mon 25/06/18 PID Uruguay 3 - 0 Russia
    Min 01/07/18 PID Uruguay 2 - 1 Portugal
    Fri 06/07/18 PID Uruguay 0-2 France
    Sat 08/09/18 PER Mexico 1-4 Uruguay

    Prediction Starting XI From South Korea

    Coach Paulo Bento
    21 Kim Jin-Hyeon
    19 Kim Young-Gwon
    14 Hong Chul
    2 Lee Yong
    20 Jang Hyun-Soo
    16 Ki Sung-Yeung
    8 Nam Tae-Hee
    5 Jung Woo-Young
    7 Son Heung-Min
    18 Hwang Ui-jo
    11 Hwang Hee-Chan

    Prediction Starting XI from Uruguay

    Coach F Coito
    1 F. Muslera
    22 M. Cáceres
    3 D. Godín
    2 J. Giménez
    20 J. Urretaviscaya
    15 M. Vecino
    17 D. Laxalt
    18 G. Pereiro
    14 L. Torreira
    6 R. Destroyed
    9 L. Suárez

    Prediction Score Match South Korea vs Uruguay:

    South Korea 1 - 2 Uruguay

    Which TV channel is South Korea vs Uruguay on and can I live stream it?

    This game will not be shown live on TV in the UK.

    Korea Republic vs Uruguay

    VTV Uruguay, MBC Korea

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