France: foreign doctors want better wages

France: foreign doctors want better wages
    France: foreign doctors want better wages
    "I'm doing the same job as others, but I'm ashamed when I look at my payslip," said a protestor quoted. She has been a Pediatrician-FFI for more than four years and says she is "paid less than a nurse's aide". Practitioners met at the call of the National Union of Non-European Union Diploma Practitioners (Snpadhue), supported by some fifteen hospital unions.

    According to the Snpadhue, these practitioners are also threatened that they will no longer be able to work in French hospitals by 1 January 2019. Exemptions allowed doctors graduated outside the EU who arrived in France before August 2010 to validate their diploma by passing a review after three years of practice, but 1000 of them have failed and can not continue to practice after the end of the year.

    To avoid their departure, the derogation should be renewed for two years. Inadequate for the union which considers that this only "prolong the precariousness". In the meantime, 3000 new foreign doctors have been recruited since the summer of 2010, and the three-year examination has now been abolished in favor of a much more selective competition.

    Received by the French Minister of Health Agnès Buzyn, Snpadhue was reassured after learning that the French government plans to address the issue of recognition of these practitioners in the health law planned for the first half of 2019. Foreign doctors could go on strike for the holiday season if there is no concrete progress at the next meeting scheduled for 23 November.
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