Kashima vs Kofu Japan Cup live video online Today 21-11-2018

Kashima vs Kofu Japan Cup live video online Today 21-11-2018
    Kashima vs Kofu Japan Cup live video online Today 21-11-2018
    Kashima vs Kofu Japan Cup live video online Streaming Today 21-11-2018 , Commentary Kashima Antlers vs Ventforet Kofu, quarter-finals of the Emperor of Japan 11/21/2018, Kashima Antlers vs Ventforet Kofu, quarter finals of the Japanese Emperor.

    Looking at this pair, both the cherry blossom football fans and the experts can see the difference. Kashima Antlers is currently playing in the J-League 1 and is ranked third in the highest league in the country, while Ventforet Kofu is only eighth in J-League 2.

    The performances of the two teams are also different. While the home side of the match has just been cut three consecutive wins after 0-0 draw with Persepolis in the AFC Cup, but they are still unbeaten 5 games in every arena. Their scoring ability is also good with 9 goals. In contrast, the defense also played not too bad with 5 goals conceded.

    Meanwhile, Kofu has shown instability when winning three straight draws, losing one match in the last five matches. The team that was playing in the second division of Japan did not have the sharp edge when they only scored one goal per game, but they were quite solid with only three goals.

    Overview of Kashima Antlers vs Ventforet Kofu

    The two teams are not too far away from each other having encountered 20 times in the past. Balanced head is tilted towards Kashima with 11 wins, three draws and only 6 losses.

    The recent confrontation, Kofu also can not improve the situation. They lost four matches in five matches. Kofu's latest triumph over Kashima was a 2-1 win in March. In these 5 games, Kashima scored 13 goals, while Kofu scored only 5.

    However, it is not possible to despise the representatives of second-tier teams. In September, they had 1-1 draws and 2-2 draws against J-League 1's Kashiwa Reysol, and only gave away the ticket to the opposition because of the law. Away goals.

    Respect for the opponent is what the Kashima Antlers need to show off from the start. However, if playing right with the current ability and style, a victory is not too far away with the home team.
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