Reveal first trailer of Detective Pikachu a Pokemon among humans

Reveal first trailer of Detective Pikachu a Pokemon among humans
    Reveal first trailer of Detective Pikachu a Pokemon among humans, Every Pokemon in the First Detective Pikachu Trailer, fans of the popular Pokémon series can now enjoy the first trailer of the movie 'Detective Pikachu', in which the remembered Pokémon will be the protagonist.

    The film is inspired by the renowned Nintendo video game, where the yellow friend of Ash Ketchum is the star character.

    The plot will revolve around Tim Goodman, the character of Justice Smith, and the adorable Pikachu.

     "The story begins when a private detective named Harry Goodman disappears mysteriously, and his 21-year-old son, Tim, will be launched to investigate what happened. Helping in the investigation will be Harry's Pokémon companion, Detective Pikachu: a hilariously intelligent and adorable super-detective who is a mystery even to himself, "Warner Bross said.

    The project began its filming in London with the leading role of Ryan Reynolds, giving voice to Pikachu, while Justice Smith will be responsible for giving life to the human companion of the character.

    The film will also feature the participation of Kathryn Newton and Ken Watanabe (known for acting in Godzilla) in his cast, while Rob Letterman will be responsible for directing the film.

    The screenplay will be by Nicole Perlman, Alex Hisch, Eric Pearson and Tom McCarthy.
    This project is a free adaptation of the homonymous video game that was presented in 2016 in Japan and that will soon be released for the Nintendo 3DS consoles.

    It is kept in mind that the movie Detective Pikachu will hit theaters on May 10, 2019.
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