Singapore vs East Timor live video online Streaming Today 21-11-2018 AFF Suzuki Cup 2018

Singapore vs East Timor live video online Streaming Today 21-11-2018 AFF Suzuki Cup 2018
    Singapore vs East Timor live video online Streaming Today 21-11-2018 AFF Suzuki Cup 2018
    Singapore vs East Timor live video online Streaming Today 21-11-2018 AFF Suzuki Cup 2018 , Singapore vs East Timor, AFF Cup 11/21/2018, Commenting on football, scoring predictions, expert analysis, Singapore vs East Timor (18:30, 21/11), AFF Cup 2018.

    Singapore vs East Timor

    Representation table B, AFF Suzuki Cup 2018 until this point is extremely attractive. After the first three rounds, Thailand was top of the table with six points (less than one opponent), the Philippines was behind with the same score, with fewer but fewer matches.

    The two positions immediately followed by Singapore and Indonesia with three points. Compared with the island nation, the lion's island nation still has many opportunities to compete ticket to round after they still have two matches ahead to determine their own fate.

    After a comfortable and unexpected display before Indonesia, Singapore again disappointed fans to wear clothes with a minimum score before the Philippines in the second round. Patrick Rachelt's only goal of the 73rd minute made Fandi Ahmad's path to the AFF 2018 semifinals much thinner.

    Also, it was a game in which they were unlucky not to create a balance in terms of the game and the opportunity with the home team, but the sharpness in the final situation as well. The focus of the defense at the decisive moment is what Singapore lacks.

    Because of the unfortunate defeat in the past round, the task for the "master" in this match is forced to a victory over East Timor.

    Singapore vs East Timor

    Not surprisingly until now, they are the worst team to play: three matches, three goals, 13 goals (on average, more than four goals). one battle).

    Although it became a "basket ball" for the remaining teams, but it can be seen quite clearly that the crocodile national island as well as play at AFF Cup 2018. After the first match lost 7 goals do not remove the current Thai champion Norio Tsukitate and his players improved the game and caused a lot of difficulties for Indonesia in the second round.

    They were the team ahead of Rufino Gama's 48th minute goal. However, they lost the point when Lily Paly of Indonesia.

    In the third match, despite being ahead three times before the 70th minute, East Timor's spirit did not falter. In the 73 minutes to 78 minutes, teacher Norio Tsukitate two consecutive goals by the work of Jesus Resis and Da Silva Freitas made the Philippines feel lucky to get a full three points.

    East Timor played at the start of the season and advanced to the first half of the second half of the season against Singapore. The crocodile islands have done this in all three games, and their goal is clear: leave the AFF Cup with at least one point and score as many goals as possible.

    Played at home, back to weak opponents such as East Timor, the task to win not seem too heavy with the army of coach Fandi. Singapore is also playing well when they return to the "home" when the last five games are not running, they are unbeaten and have 4 wins.

    As for East Timor, they are holding a very sad series - 13 consecutive wins and losses. However, with the spirit shown in the past, although guests, the army of Norio Tsukitate will make it difficult for "the masters."

    But the final result will still be three points for the home team. If you can get past East Timorr's upfield in the first 20 minutes of the second half, a solid victory can be set up by Singapore.

    Probable teams

    Singapore: Sunny; Suzliman, Irfan Fandi, Baharudin, Hamzah, Hariss Harun, Shafig, Hanapi, Faris Ramli, Gabriel Quak, Ikhsan Fandi.

    East Timor: Aderito, Da Costa, Monteiro, Viegas, Gusmao, Reis Domingos, Freitas, Joao Pedro, Trindade, Rufino Gama, Ricky.
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