Togo - Algeria 1-4: Belmadi compile his ticket for the finals of the CAN-2019

Togo - Algeria 1-4: Belmadi compile his ticket for the finals of the CAN-2019
    Togo - Algeria 1-4: Belmadi compile his ticket for the finals of the CAN-2019
    Togo - Algeria 1-4: Belmadi compile his ticket for the finals of the CAN-2019, Ouellet, coach Djamel Belmadi said he was "pleased" to have allowed the national team to compile his ticket for the finals of the CAN-2019, thanks to his victory against Togo in Lomé on Sunday. (4-1), in a match counting for the 5th day (Gr.D) of the qualifications.

    "The changes to the team were well thought out, it showed that we came to Lome with the ambition to win. We loudly proclaimed it and we did it. The choices are always positive, as for the end, there is a victory and moreover on a rather wide score. We could have scored more than four goals given the number of situations we had. Without being choosy, there are still games to play in the future. We are in the midst of reconstruction. We all aspire to be even stronger and stronger. With the little time we had to work, I am more than satisfied. The players were very attentive, that's what gives me more confidence than I had before that game, we must congratulate them, "Belmadi told the media at the end of the game.

    The Greens held at the municipal stadium of Lome with a double of Mahrez (13th, 30th), Atal (28th), and Bounedjah (90th + 2). A success that allows Algeria to secure the first place in the group with now 10 points, ahead of Benin (7 pts), while Togo and Gambia follow behind with 5 points each. The EN, which can no longer be joined in the lead, will close the qualifying phase in March 2019 in Blida against the Gambia.

    "It's a lack of respect for the Togo team to say it was an easy match. In view of the result, one can have the impression that it was easy. The match was pretty well prepared. We were not surprised by the strengths and weaknesses of Togo. We have been careful not to give them any opportunities, especially since they have quality players who can hurt. All the players respected my instructions. In the second half, it was difficult to maintain motivation and concentration when the score was 3 to 0, but we were very attentive.

    "It's a match reference in view of the result. We are able to do better, but what I remember is the change of the mindset. We must congratulate the technical staff who work all the time to put us in the best conditions. Today, we were not surprised by the opponent, we played with the heart, we were effective and killers. I want to congratulate everyone. In football, you always have to confirm and question yourself. We still have a match to play against Gambia at home, we will have to do better and correct, because we are still perfectibles.

    There was a verbal altercation with a Togolese journalist
    Certainly disappointed by the extent of the defeat conceded by Togo, a Togolese journalist asked a provocative question that ended up irritating Belmadi, about the membership of Algeria to Africa.

    "It's a question or a monologue? The tone you use for a journalist is what can be shocking. You have to know how to ask the questions. There are questions and there are verbal aggression, for me it is verbal aggression. I do not even know what you're talking about. I said that when we come to play in Africa, including Algeria, it is a particular context, where is the problem? What's the concern? It may be defeat. There is a better way to accept the defeat, do like your colleagues, not by attacking the coach, "said Belmadi, before interrupting his briefing a few minutes later.
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