Watch Jordan vs India Live Streaming Today 17-11-2018 video Online Friendly Match

Watch Jordan vs India Live Streaming Today 17-11-2018 video Online Friendly Match
    Watch Jordan vs India Live Streaming Today 17-11-2018 video Online Friendly Match
    Watch Jordan vs India Live Streaming Today 17-11-2018 video Online Friendly Match , The FIFA World Cup in November will be a date for the match between Jordan and India in a strong and difficult meeting as part of the two countries' preparations to participate in the 2019 Asian Nations Cup in the UAE. In January.

    The Jordanian team is in the second group of the Asian Cup with the teams of Australia, Syria and Palestine in a strong and difficult group for Alnchama, which seeks to continue the good results in the Asian championship in general and to achieve victory and rise to the next round of the tournament.

    On the other hand, the Indian team signed in the first group with the UAE, Bahrain and Thailand and will seek the Indian team to appear strongly in the Asian Cup and exploit the easy start to Thailand for a victory may ensure the rise of the Indian team to the next round of the tournament.

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     The national football team will meet with their friendly Indian counterpart at 7:00 pm Saturday at the King Abdullah II Stadium in Qweismeh as part of preparations for the Asian Cup finals scheduled for December. As well as Australia, Syria and Palestine.
    The national team had held a training session on the same pitch yesterday, and all the players of the team took part in the funeral of Moussa Al-Tamari, who decided on the recommendation of the medical team to return him to the Cypriot team of Abuel to complete the stages of his treatment. Individually, in serious attempts to be in the squad in the game against Saudi Arabia next Tuesday.

    Jordan × India

    This clash is the first in the history of the Jordanian and Indian cards, both of which seek to record a "historic" result, although national coach Vital said that the result does not mean the actual translation of the latest training, For the national team before participating in the Asian finals.

    On the technical side, the last training carried goalkeeper Amer Shafi'e to protect the Jordanian Aren, while all the papers will be available to the technical staff to experience all elements of the team, and is expected to be Ibrahim Zahra and Tariq speech deep defensive, with the possibility to pay Ahmed Al-Saghir or Bara Mari The left side, with the presence of Ahsan Haddad or Firas Shalbaya right back, while Salem Al-Ajalin will be in the facilitator, with no clear left back to the side of the hooligans, perhaps the alternative will weigh the Arabs present along with the hasty in the facilitator.

    It is expected that Abidah Al-Samarneh will not be involved because he is still in advanced stages of recovery from the injury. He is expected to be Khalil Bani Attia and Rajai Ayed, with the possibility of putting Saeed Morjan or Youssef Al Rawashdeh, Arsene is in the middle with a preference for the Bakhit to take advantage of his speed and to be ready, while Munther Abu Amara will be in the starboard, and Jamie will work to keep behind the striker Baha Faisal, in attempts to dismantle the close control imposed on him from the defenses of the Indian team.

    The team includes 39 national players including: Gerberit Singh Sandha, Amringner Singh, Vishal Kathy, Arindam Bhattacharji, Brittam Kotal, Nishu Kumar, Sartak Joloy, Sandesh Jingan, Anas Idathodica, Salam Ranjan Singh, Subhash Boz, Narayan Das, Jerry Llinswala, Nikhil Bogary, Brunei Halder, Rollin Borges, Anirud Thapa, Jackit Singh, Vineet Rai, Germanerit Singh, Halisharan Narsari, Ashik Kurunian, Pikash Jiro, Sunil Chitri, Gigi Lakhalqua, Sumit Basi, Farouk Chaudhry, Balawant Singh, Manver Singh.
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