Watch Lazio vs Milan live Streaming Today 25-11-2018 Italy Serie A

Watch Lazio vs Milan live Streaming Today 25-11-2018 Italy Serie A
    Watch Lazio vs Milan live Streaming Today 25-11-2018 Italy Serie A
    Watch Lazio vs Milan live Streaming Today 25-11-2018 Italy Serie A, Since winning Juventus 2-1 away in October 1977, Lazio have had 11 successive defeats against Serie A (Juventus, Napoli, Inter, Milan and Roma). Lost in 9, drew 2 of the 11 big games have caused coach Simone Inzaghi serious points in the professional and Italian NHM.

    Lazio have not made much progress in terms of professionalism and personnel, but they have benefited from the downfall of their opponents. Over the past few weeks, bad news has fallen to the Rossoneri.

    On the field, a 0-2 defeat to Juventus in the 12th round ended the short stint (3 straight wins) in Serie A of the red-and-black army. The match was also marked by black mark Gonzalo Higuain, Serie A top scorer has kicked off penalty, just sticking the red card and now has to serve two suspended game.

    Milan's situation became more serious before and during the national team focus, the Rossoneri has four more heavy soldiers. Giacomo Bonaventura vacation season, Lucas Biglia vacation 4 months. The top midfield pair Mateo Musacchio - Alessio Romagnoli was knocked out by the injury. The lightest of these, the captain Romagnoli also have to leave for a month.

    The worst damage to the capital in the capital is the case with Higuain. Lazio was El Pipita's favorite rival in his career, scoring 13 goals in 13 games against Lazio. Higuain has brought so many nightmares for defender and goalkeeper Lazio since he moved to Serie A on summer 2013.

    Lazio have had a long and frightening run in the name of Milan, but they have since disappeared from the 2-0 win in early 2012. Since then, Lazio have won 4 more Serie A games in Serie A. A and Coppa Italia. Last season, Milan's first defeat was a 1-4 defeat at Lazio, starting the decline of Milan-Vincenzo Montella.

    Lazio has so many advantages over Lazio this weekend, and pushes the opponent away from the Top 4. Let's see Inzaghi's squad rise to the brink of fears great.

    Milan lost to Juventus 0-2. Under Gattuso, Milan had just one defeat in two consecutive Serie A matches. They were 0-3 defeats against Verona and 0-2 against Atalanta in the 17th and 18 Serie A seasons.


    - Lazio: Durmisi and Leiva injury.
    - Milan: Bonaventura, Musacchio, Romagnoli, Biglia and Caldara injury. Higuain is suspended.
    - Asia, Lazio won 4, draw 1, losing 2 of 7 games recently; win 3, draw 1, lost 1/5 home games past.
    - Asian match, Milan won 2, draw 1, lost the last 4/7; won 3, losing 5/8 away away recently.
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