Watch Live Streaming ATP London Online Video ATP Tour - Tennis 2018

Watch Live Streaming ATP London Online Video ATP Tour - Tennis 2018
    Watch Live Streaming ATP London Online Video ATP Tour - Tennis 2018
    Watch Live Streaming ATP London Online Video ATP Tour - Tennis 2018, The Nitto ATP Finals is the year-end climax to the ATP World Tour season. The event, which features only the world's best eight qualified singles players and doubles teams, is contested in a round-robin format with the best four players and doubles teams reaching the knockout semi-finals stage. The prestigious tournament has been contested in major cities around the world, with a rich history dating back to the birth of The Masters in Tokyo (1970). In 2009, the tournament moved to its current home in London, where it will be played through 2020. 

    World Tennis Association Finals

    ATP World Tour Finals or Barclays Championship is a professional tennis tournament, founded in 1970 and currently held in London since 2009, in November each year. The tournament comes at the end of the tennis season each year, with the top eight singles and tennis doubles.

    The third event is actually the evolution of the tournament that began in 1970. It is originally known just as the Masters Championship, and was organized by the International Tennis Federation (ITF). Masters at the end of the year showed the best players on the men tour, but do not count on any point of the world's top. In 1990, the ATP) took over the management of the men's tour and the tennis shop with the ATP World Touring Championship. Top World Points are at stake now, with the undefeated champion earning the same number of points to win as one of the Grand Slam events. The ITF, who continued to run the championship, created a year-end competition event known as the Grand Slam Cup, which was with 16 players the best records in the Grand Slam competitions that year. In December 1999, ATP and ITF agreed to a separate two-day event and set up a new joint-owned committee for the event called the Tennis Masters Cup. As with the ATP Masters and Touring World Championships, the Tennis Masters Cup is contested by eight players. But under the rules of the Tennis Masters Cup, the player who ranks number eight in the ATP Champion World Ranking Race has no content website. If the player who wins one of the Grand Slam year finishes last year's events is out of the top eight but still within the top 20, he could be included in the Masters Tennis Cup instead of the eighth-ranked player. If two players out of the top eight to win the Grand Slam events, the highest ranked player in the world rankings will occupy the last place in the Tennis Masters Cup.

    In 2009 the Masters will be the final tournament name for the tennis season and they will be held at O2 in London from 2009 to 2012 .

    For many years, this doubles event has been held as a separate item in the tournament after a week of competition in singles. But recently held together in the same week and place. Like individual competition, the doubles includes eight most successful teams on a round of each year and begin the stage with a group with each team playing three matches back and Robin.

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