Watch Persela Lamongan vs Arema Live Streaming Today 16-11-2018 Online Indonesia Liga 1

Watch Persela Lamongan vs Arema Live Streaming Today 16-11-2018 Online Indonesia Liga 1
    Watch Persela Lamongan vs Arema Live Streaming Today 16-11-2018 Online Indonesia Liga 1
    Watch Persela Lamongan vs Arema Live Streaming Today 16-11-2018 Online Indonesia Liga 1, East Java Derby will be presented at Surajaya Stadium, Lamongan when Persela Lamongan entertains Arema FC on Friday (11/16/2018). Both teams are equally determined to target points because they are competing to finish in the Gojek League 1 middle board with Bukalapak.

    In the standings, Arema FC while winning 9th place with 41 points. While Persela was two points adrift and was in 13th position. Despite being a guest team, Arema tries to steal at least one point.

    Arema coach, Milan Petrovic, insists Persela is not a team that is easily conquered if playing at home. As a result, stealing points is not an easy mission. Hamka Hamzah et al must play neater in Lamongan.

    "I know Persela has never lost in Lamongan. But every match is like a new history. Everything can still happen. Now it depends on our struggle on the field, "said the 57-year-old coach on Thursday (11/15/2018).

    Arema insists that he will play fast by relying on energy, which is their strength this season. The absence of a number of core players such as Dedik Setiawan, Bagas Adi (national team), Hanif Sjahbandi, RIvaldi Bawuo (injury) and Jayu Hariono (card accumulation) is expected to have little effect.

    "We have prepared a number of anticipations. "In the middle there are still many stocks such as Hendro Siswanto and M. Rafli who can be relied on to help defense and attack," he added.

    Arema also continues to hone a new scheme to score goals. They want to improve the goal record at home. Until now, only 13 goals have been scored in 15 away games.

    "As I said before, our problem is always having difficulty scoring goals at home. But now there is a scheme that can make this team more productive, "he said.

    Arema FC striker, Ahmad Nur Hardianto, will be the core player when the game against Persela Lamongan. For him, this will be a reunion match for him. Hardianto was the regional son who was also a former Persela player last season.

    In this fight, Hardianto is also in the spotlight. Host supporters, LA Mania will give terror throughout the game because they really want him to stay this season.

    "I will stay focused on this fight. There is no sense of emotion in me right now, "said the 23-year-old player Arema FC.

    Meanwhile, Persela is optimistic about winning at home. There are two missions that they stretch out in the match. In addition to maintaining a record never losing at home, Persela was eager to avenge a 0-1 defeat in the first round.

    Persela's confidence in winning this match is increasingly sticking out because he can reduce all his pilots, minus Ahmet Atayef, who has a severe knee injury.

    The head coach of Persela, Aji Santoso, believes his team can win this match because it is shrouded in high confidence following a positive result (1-1) while visiting the Mitra Kukar headquarters last week.

    Aji believes his students know what to do when playing at home. "This is our cage, abstinence for us to achieve minor results," he explained.

    In this match, Persela can also reduce the old Saddil Ramdani absent from defending Persela because of strengthening the U-19 national team in the Under-19 AFF Cup and U-23 national team at the 2018 Asian Games.

    The existence of Saddil is believed to be adding to the power of the attack on Persela in this match. Apalago Diego Assis's appearance is also getting slick. Persela players, Samsul Arifin, believes the support of thousands of LA Mania who will throng the stadium with a capacity of 15,000 spectators will become the 12th player for Persela.

    "LA Mania always gives us extra motivation. This is also a home match, so it is obligatory that we win," said the player who can operate as a wing-back or midfielder.

    Persela Lamongan (4-2-3-1): M. Ridwan (goalkeeper); Eky Taufik, Wallace Costa Alves, M. Zaenuri, Samsul Arifin (behind); Ahmad Subagja Baasith, Diego Assis, M. Syahroni, Dendy Sulistyawan, Fahmi Al Ayyubi (center); Loris Arnaud (front)

    Coach: Aji Santoso

    Arema FC (4-1-2-3): Utam Rusdiana (goalkeeper); Alfin Tuasalamony, Hamka Hamzah, Arthur Cunha, Ahmad Alfarizi (back); Hendro Siswanto; M. Rafli, Makan Konate (middle); Dendi Santoso, Ahmad Nur Hardianto, Jefri Kurniawan.

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