What life is like in Dahab | Diving in Dahab Egypt | Diving the Blue Hole in Dahab

What life is like in Dahab | Diving in Dahab Egypt | Diving the Blue Hole in Dahab
    What life is like in Dahab | Diving in Dahab Egypt | Diving the Blue Hole in Dahab
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    Dahab is the Arabic word for gold - have a look at the colour of the sand around here and you immediately know where the town took its name from. The combination of soft sand, gorgeous blue water, and a luxuriant strip of palm trees is pulling in visitors in growing numbers.

    What life is like in Dahab | Diving in Dahab Egypt | Diving the Blue Hole in Dahab

    Masbat & Mashraba are the most developed parts of Dahab, a sprawling conglomeration of palm trees, shops, hotels, camps, bars and restaurants that lie along the shore of Masbat Bay. Masbat has a distinctly bohemian feel, and during the Israeli occupation it wasn't uncommon to see soldiers patrolling the same beaches as dreadlocked vagabonds from Europe and America. Less laid back, but still relaxed, is the area just south lying along El-Qura Bay (Laguna).

    Within just a few miles of Dahab are some great adventure spots. Excellent dive sites lie both to the north and south, including Blue Hole, one of Sinai's best. Just south are the wadis of Qnai el-Rayan and Qnai el-Atschan - now home to fantastic rock climbing.

    Getting In and Around

    Dahab is served by the Sharm el-Sheikh Airport. There are several air carriers including budget airlines that operate regular flights to Dahab from many parts of Europe. You can also travel by road. If you prefer to take the bus then there are several buses from Cairo, Sharm el-Sheikh, Suez, Eilat and Taba that are routed to Dahab. When exploring around Dahab you can either ride in a taxi or the minibuses. Another good idea is to rent a bicycle to explore the place.


    Dahab is divided into two major parts; the Bedouin village of Assalah and Laguna or Dahab City/Medina. If you are looking for affordable accommodations that are located along the beachfront then Assalah is the place to go. Here you can find campsites, dormitories and simple lodging like Bish Bishi, Dahab Dorms, Dolphin Camp, Bedouin Moon Hotel and Blue Beach Club. If you want luxury accommodations that are within the city and other tourist hot spots, then head over to Laguna. Here you can choose to stay at hotels like Le Meridien Dahab Resort, Iberotel Dahabeya and the Swiss Inn Resort.


    There are lots of things to do and places to explore in Dahab but the city’s highlight are its beaches. You can soak under the sun, enjoy the white sand and dive into the crystal clear water of Red Sea. You can also go mountain climbing, take dessert safaris, horse and camel rides and/ or join group tours and explore the place.

    Eating Out

    Since Dahab is surrounded by water the best gastronomical offerings here are fresh fish and other seafood. However, if you want to enjoy sumptuous food that is not very expensive, you might want to choose a restaurant that is not located near the beachfront. Must-try restaurants in Dahab are Same Same But Different Restaurant, Ali Baba Restaurant, Eel Garden Stars Restaurant, Meya Meya, Shark and  The Kitchen. You can also ask for the chef’s special at the restaurant.

    Nightlife and Entertainment

    Of course your vacation wouldn’t be complete without partying. There are a few places where you can party and have a great time with your family or friends. Great places to go when the sun has set are Sphinx Pool Bar, RUSH Village Bar, Funny Mummy and Elzar Bar.
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