AFF Suzuki Cup : Vietnam vs Philippines live Stream Thursday 06/12/2018 video online Today

AFF Suzuki Cup : Vietnam vs Philippines live Stream Thursday 06/12/2018 video online Today
    AFF Suzuki Cup : Vietnam vs Philippines live Stream Thursday 06/12/2018 video online Today
    AFF Suzuki Cup : Vietnam vs Philippines live Stream Thursday 06/12/2018 video online Today , Back in My Dinh home field in the semi-final second leg with the advantage of two goals away, Vietnam team full of confidence will win the ticket to the final after 10 years of waiting. 

    Because of the loss of 1-2 teachers in front of teacher Hang-seo Park coach in the first round made the opportunity to final AFF Cup of the Philippines team gradually closed.

    In the first leg, Quang Hai is the only player on the Vietnamese team to receive a yellow card. If in the return leg, the 21-year-old midfielder received another yellow card, he certainly was absent in the final. So coach Park Hang Seo need to calculate the reasonable personnel for the team of Vietnam.

    In the formation team is expected in the return leg, Temple guard Van Lam is still trusted. In a cup competition, unless there is an event or bad weather, the manager is very difficult to remove his number one goalkeeper.

    Above is still the wall with 3 Duy Manh - Dinh Trong - Ngoc Hai. These players have played well in most matches. The goal against the Philippines is a mistake from the system error. So, there's no reason to remove any of these 3 players.

    The two sides, Van Hau and Trong Hoang are doing well their tasks. These wings are durable and have reasonable movement to balance the two sides of the Vietnam team.

    Vietnam squad will have a big change in midfield. With Quang Hai receiving a yellow card, Park will be able to prepare him for the final. The center will be two of the three players Duc Huy, Huy Hung and Hung Dung. With back injury, Hung Dung will sit outside to ensure safety.

    In the field, Van Duc naturally won a left side. The ability to penetrate and choose the position in the penalty area is the strength of SLNA midfielder. The remaining wing is the return of Cong Phuong. The ability to go ball and slammed straight into armpit high defense but slow management of the Philippines is the point of appreciation. The most competitive will be Anh Duc with a string of impressive performance.

    Mai Duc Chung, the coach of Vietnam, said in the first leg of the trip that Vietnam had difficulty adjusting to a late pitch, but on the evening of December 6, we played on the field. will promote the use of the familiar short-ball style. The previous match has revealed the weak points of the Philippines, which is the ability to switch from public to their relatively slow.

    "The situation after the Philippines made clear before the game in the return leg, they have to win at least 2-1, which means to score two goals to go forward, 1-0 also turn We have to fight against each other, so we have to fight against each other, "said coach Mai Duc Chung.

    According to Chung, the Philippines do not kick the top, secure as the Vietnamese team is, they have to play clearly. But the problem is that they do not have the level to balance the attack and defense. Mr. Chung said that the Vietnam team is in the state of grid waiting for the opponent, so we can believe in a victory. If we succeed and score first, then the game is purely ours. Vietnam will probably add more goals, Park also can adjust personnel hold the finalists.

    "Coach Park has been building successfully stable, stable and important game, the current player is qualified, not psychological problem or problem in the past, I expect Vietnam to win 2-0 or 3-1, "Chung concluded.

    The same point, coach Nguyen Duc Thang said that Vietnam team has young players playing together for a long time, so they understand each other. In addition, Park Hang Seo coach can grasp all the strengths of students to launch the right time, making them to the best of their ability. For example, he used Hongdid for the match against Cambodia, or converted Van Duc to many positions in the past.

    Commenting on the semi-final against the Philippines, coach Duc Thang said that the Philippines will accelerate the attack with the purpose of scoring at least two goals on the court in My Dinh to hope for the final: "So, will use a lot of ball and long ball with traditional 4-4-2 team or 3-5-2.If the Philippines play like that, the real Duy Manh, Ngoc Hai, Dinh Trong, Van Hau ... are not bored. However, I think the Vietnamese team will have good results to reach the finals, because we is taking a huge advantage. "

    Meanwhile, Khac Son soccer expert has warned that the Vietnamese team is not allowed to be subject in the next match because they are facing not only a general strike but also a The player is hurt and cornered

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