England Premier League: Liverpool vs Everton Today 02-12-2018 live video online

England Premier League: Liverpool vs Everton Today 02-12-2018 live video online
    England Premier League: Liverpool vs Everton Today 02-12-2018 live video online
    England Premier League:  Liverpool vs Everton Today 02-12-2018 live video online , Coach Jurgen Klopp pointed out that PSG's "slash and burn" was the main reason Liverpool suffered 1-2 defeat in the Champions League. Back home, said Liverpool vs Everton believe teachers will not suffer them.

    On the PSG side, in the fifth round of the Champions League, Liverpool lost 1-2. Thereby, the England team was put in a difficult situation almost forced to win Napoli with two goals in the final match hope to win tickets to go forward.

    After the match, Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp criticized rivals. PSG is no different than the butcher in the game with a rough play, not afraid to make mistakes. The former Red Brigadier Jamie Carragher also sided with Klopp in asserting that the French giants had embarrassing performances with so many tricks.

    Liverpool vs Everton (23h15 on 212) Avoid Liverpool's new 1-2 defeat at PSG
    In terms of professionalism, it was a Liverpool game that was under attack. The trio of midfielders James Milner, Jordan Henderson and Georginio Wijnaldum are overpowered and energetic but lack creativity. The Sadio Mane trio, Mohamed Salah and Roberto Firmino are thus alone at the higher level.

    As with some recent games, Firmino played very faint, Salah was attached and Mane forced to deepen the ball. As deep into the season, Klopp increasingly craved a conductor capable of holding the ball and providing offensive ideas.

    As a result, the Liverpool defense had a "fatal accident" for PSG to exploit. After Trent Alexander-Arnold failed to complete his duties on the right in two matches against Napoli and Belgrade Reds lost to Klopp, Klopp put faith in Joe Gomez ahead of PSG.

    Gomez, who played the defender in this season, suffered a nightmare against Neymar and Kylian Mbappe. The speed and ability of the pair of sloping top of the Liverpool young players confused and constantly overtake.

    It was hard for Klopp when Alexander-Arnold and Gomez were too young. They need time to accumulate experience even before Liverpool boss is the fear of being exploited opponents.

    Easy to play here literally. Everton are led by a Portuguese coach Marco Silva and also pursue technical football instead of cutting. In the scheme that Merseyside Blue has applied regularly this season, only Gana Gueye is in charge of the interception.

    Andre Gomes or Tom Davies are also attacking midfielders. The Bernard or Theo Walcott are pure attackers, not rock solid and do not support much for the rear.

    Arsenal vs Everton Bellerin Everton are not rivalsArsenal vs Everton Bellerin Everton are not rivals

    It is a favorable context for Liverpool to play out his attacking play. Everton will be a far more pleasant guest than PSG. Of course, Liverpool and Everton are not quite comfortable at Anfield.

    Compared to Everton not in Europe, Liverpool are physically weaker. They have only recovered 3 days before entering the Merseyside derby with Everton. With the game as much as Liverpool, they will certainly be more or less difficult.

    Preview Liverpool vs Everton Liverpool vs Everton 23h15 on 2/12
    But the key is that Liverpool are playing at home. Since the start of the season, the Kop have won seven of the eight games in the Premier League and the Champions League, with the exception of the 0-0 draw at City.

    In contrast, Everton have won just one of their six away games since the start of the season, with three draws and two defeats against Arsenal and Manchester United. If this team continues to blank on the field another name is Liverpool is not surprising.

    Probable teams:

    13.Alisson - 66.Alexander-Arnold, 12.Gomez, 4.Van Dijk, 26.Robertson - 5.Wijnaldum, 3.Fabinho - 23.Shaqiri, 9.Firmino, 10.Manal - 11.Salah
    Everton (4-2-3-1): 1.Pickford - 23.Coleman, 4.Keane, 13.Mina, 12.Digne - 17.Gueye, 8.Gomes - 31.Lookman, 10.Sigurdsson, 20.Bernard - 30.Richarlison

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