Watch Vietnam vs Philippines live Streaming Today 06-12-2018 online video AFF Suzuki Cup

Watch Vietnam vs Philippines live Streaming Today 06-12-2018 online video AFF Suzuki Cup
    Watch Vietnam vs Philippines live Streaming Today 06-12-2018 online video AFF Suzuki Cup
    Watch Vietnam vs Philippines live Streaming Today 06-12-2018 online video AFF Suzuki Cup  , 90 minutes of the semi-final match between Vietnam vs Philippines will be the opportunity for the two sides to launch their best cards to the ticket to the final.

    The result after 90 minutes of play is now supporting the country. With a 2-1 away win, the task of the teacher at Hang Seo Park is now much simpler.

    In the return leg, if they do not concede more than two goals, they will officially play the AFF Cup final 2018. This is a goal is not difficult to do is when our opponent is not a team. too ominous.

    The Philippines, after what they showed in the first leg, showed they still have a lot to do if they hope to make a comeback to Vietnam to win the final.

    At this moment Goran Eriksson is no longer in the best squad after being called up for the club, including the star at the Premiership and Philippine No 1 goalkeeper Neil Etheridge. .

    Not to mention that recently, midfielder Manuel Ott also suffered injury after the semi-final first leg and can not rehearse again. This has little effect on the "Azkals" main force in the next match.

    It was a game where the Filipinos showed a danger coming from bodybuilding, which surpassed the champion by defeating the defending champion when it was highly rated. That victory is still considered a miracle with Philippine football. And they are also expecting to be able to reproduce it tonight.

    With no serious injury, except for Van Toan's absence from injury, Vietnam is a better man than the Philippines. Along with that, with the advantages after the victory in the turn with the home game in the turn, the red shirts are appreciated the ability to final

    If Duc Chinh or Cong Phuong did better than the chances of scoring at the end of the second half, the match was probably over. Instead of winning 3-1 or 4-1, the score 2-1 in the first leg is still quite fragile and teacher Park Hang Seo will not be allowed to contempt.

    Coach Park Hang Seo pho dien ky thuat What will be the most beneficial kick that coach Park Hang Seo probably thought of
    The lesson of defeat of Vietnam under the coach Toshiya Miura is still there when we beat Malaysia 2-1 in the first round but fell before the opponent in the second leg in My Dinh. Therefore, Vietnam will have to play with the highest spirit in the semi-final.

    However, this does not mean that we will have to stretch for the next semi-final match. With Malaysia surpassing Thailand to finalize, Park Gu Seang's army should limit the squeeze of physical strength against the Philippines to avoid disadvantages during the visit to Bukit Jalil on December 11 here.

    In case of playing the final, not only disadvantage when moving to the field, Vietnam Tel is less off than the opponent a day. Because of that, perhaps the Red Army should have reasonable tactics, avoid the excessive loss of force in the Philippines vs Vietnam in the upcoming My Dinh.

    A minimum draw or win will probably be the perfect match for Vietnam in the coming match. With an experienced manager like Park Hang Seo, he is sure to know how to make his team the best.

    Remember the difficult games are still waiting for the front, so the Vietnam players need to play sober, wise as well as try to hide the post before using for the final match at AFF Cup 2018 .

    Estimated Vietnam vs Philippines squad:

    Vietnam: Van Lam, Que Ngoc Hai, Duy Manh, Dinh Trong, Xuan Truong, Hung Dung, Van Hau, Trong Hoang, Van Duc, Anh Duc, Cong Phuong.

    Philippines: Falkesgaard, Steuble, De Murga, Silva, Ingreso, Reichelt, Ma Ott, Tull, Schrock, Bedic, P. Younghusband.

    Watch Vietnam vs Philippines live 

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