Things To Do In Alexandria, Egypt | Tourist Attractions in Alexandria

Things To Do In Alexandria, Egypt | Tourist Attractions in Alexandria
    Things to do in Alexandria City , Egypt
    The second largest city in Egypt, Alexandria, known as "The Pearl of the Mediterranean In ancient times, Alexandria was one of the most famous cities in the world. 

    It was founded around a small pharaonic town c. 331 BC by Alexander the Great.t is home to the Bibliotheca Alexandrina, lighthouse (Pharos), one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World; its library (the largest library in the ancient world ) and the Catacombs of Kom el Shoqafa, one of the Seven Wonders of the Middle Ages.

    Alexandria is the second capital of Egypt. Its capital was ancient, the capital of Alexandria and its largest city, located on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea about 55 km northwest of the Nile Delta, bordered to the north by the Mediterranean Sea and Lake Mariout to the 71 km on the Cairo- It is bordered to the east by Abu Qir Bay and Edco city, and the Sidi Kreir area westward to 36.36 km on the Alexandria-Matruh highway.

    Alexandria has many landmarks, including Egypt's largest seaports (Alexandria Port and Dekheila Port). The city has about 80% of the total Egyptian imports and exports. It also houses the New Bibliotheca Alexandrina, which has a capacity of more than 8 million books. Museums and archaeological sites such as Qaitbay Castle, Al-Sawari and others, Alexandria has a population of 4,123,869 (2006 census) engaged in commercial, industrial and agricultural activities.

     Alexandria is divided into nine administrative districts: Al-Montazah, Al-Montazah, Sharq, Downtown, West, Al-Gomrok, Al-Ajmi,

    Work began on the construction of Alexandria by Alexander the Great in 332 BC by filling part of the water separates an island stretching out to the main coast called "Pharos" by the port of Atiq, and a small village called "Raktos" or "dancer" surrounded by other small villages It also spread between the sea and Lake Mariout, and was taken by Alexander the Great and his successor the capital of Egypt for almost a thousand years, until the Islamic conquest of Egypt by Amr ibn al-Aas in 641.

    Alexandria has been known throughout history through many landmarks such as the Ancient Library of Alexandria, which contained more than 700,000 volumes, and the lighthouse of Alexandria, which was considered one of the seven wonders of the world, for its enormous height, which reaches about 120 meters, and remained this lighthouse until it was destroyed by a strong earthquake 1307.
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