Gran Canaria 64 - 82 Fenerbahçe Maç Özeti l Highlights Today 17/1/2018

Gran Canaria 64 - 82 Fenerbahçe Maç Özeti l Highlights Today 17/1/2018
    Watch Gran Canaria vs Fenerbahce live Stream Today 17/1/2018 online Euroleague
    Watch Gran Canaria vs Fenerbahce live Stream Today 17/1/2018 online Euroleague, Prediction for the match Gran Canaria - Fenerbahce  January 17, Euroleague , gran canaria,fenerbahce gran canaria,gran canaria fenerbahçe,fenerbahçe gran canaria,fenerbahçe,fenerbahçe gran canaria özet,fenerbahce - gran canaria,nikola kalinic vs gran canaria,fenerbahçe gran canaria maç linki,fenerbahçe gran canaria full higlightsThe Euroleague match will take place on the Canary Islands - the canaries will play against the Turkish Fenerbahce.

     Wards Zeljko Obradovic much stronger than their rivals, and they must win a landslide victory.

    Gran Canaria

    Gran Canaria may show high-quality basketball - the squad is not so bad, but this is relevant for the Spanish Championship, where the hosts of the upcoming meeting are strong middle peasants. In the scale of international tournaments, the Spanish club clearly lacks qualified personnel, and this is evident in almost every match - the meeting with Fenerbahce will not be an exception.


    Turning to Fenerbahce, it is impossible not to mention once again that this is a very strong team, and is among the best in Europe. In any match, no matter who is in the competition, the Turkish club always plays precisely to win - the level of the performers, as well as the head coach, who is one of the most experienced and titled on the continent, allows you to always count on success. Against the "handy" Canaria, although on its site, Fener must confidently win.

    Personal meeting statistics

    Gran Canaria is not a regular participant in the Euroleague, and because of the full-time fights with Fenerbahce, who have already “registered” for a long time in this tournament, the team from the Canary Islands has not so much - only one. And he passed quite recently - in the framework of the match of the first round of the regular championship. That meeting was held in the capital of Turkey, and it ended quite expectedly - the Turks won a very confident victory with a score of 97-72. Wards Zeljko Obradovic showed not only an inspirational game in attack, but also a fairly good level of play in defense - letting the opponent score a little more than 70 points in such a relaxed game is a very good result.

    If you pay attention to the standings, it is easy to see that the difference between the teams is enormous, because the Turks are at the top, and the Spaniards are almost at the bottom: only the very hopeless Daryushshafak and Buduchnost are worse.


    In the upcoming meeting, despite the home factor for Gran Canaria, the basketball players from Turkey are the favorites. At the disposal of Zeljko Obradovic a large number of very strong performers, each of whom is unusually good on both sides of the site - there are some exceptions, but, as you know, they only prove the rule.

    If we consider the match from the point of view of duels between players, then the obvious advantage will be on the side of the guests - the Spaniards have good players, but they would be strong in the realities of the Eurocup rather than the Euroleague. Well, in Fenerbahce, as has been said repeatedly, all the performers are “like a selection.” By the way, with the rebounds, the Turks are very good - Vesely, Melli, Ahmet and other bigmen must beat their opponents under the ring. In the upcoming fight, there is only one bet, and this is a victory for guests with a minuscript handicap.

    Gran Canaria 64 - 82 Fenerbahçe Maç Özeti l Highlights Today 17/1/2018  

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