UAE 2019: Lebanon vs North Korea 4-1 All Goals Highlights Today 17/1/2019

UAE 2019: Lebanon vs North Korea 4-1 All Goals Highlights Today 17/1/2019
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    UAE 2019: Lebanon vs North Korea 4-1 All Goals Highlights Today 17/1/2019 , The Korean team was led by coach Kim Yong-jun - a former player born in 1983. The experience was thus considered the team's biggest weakness at the 2019 Asian Cup. 

    in the way of changing the tactical state as well as tactics, both matches fought by Korea took place in a single trend: cornered and helpless.

    It should be added that, in less than 1 year of being appointed to the position of a hot seat, coach Kim Yong-jun was too strong in rejuvenating the squad. In this year's Asian tournament, the 35-year-old teacher brought a list of 23 players with the average age of the fifth young with a specific figure of 25.3 (only older than Vietnam, Iraq, India and Qatar).

    There are 6 Korean players to the Asian Cup for the first time in 2019 for the first time to play national team jerseys, 15 people have less than 10 international matches. After a 1-1 friendly match with Vietnam Tel on My Dinh stadium, Coach Kim Yong-jun proclaimed Korea to the Asian Cup 2019 with the goal of reaching the quarterfinals. But after two losing matches, conceding 10 times and not yet scoring a goal, the statement may have been buried into a past.

    With good bodybuilding, good physical strength, average height of 1m79, North Korea can easily win the matchmaking phase with Vietnamese players (only taller than 1m74, the lowest Asian Cup 2019) . Meeting Lebanon with an average height of 1m81, North Korea clearly could not take muscles to make it an advantage.

    Lebanon also lost both matches in Group E but with a goal difference of -4, this team had a better chance of going forward than Korea (4 out of 6 teams ranked 3rd in the first round in the first round. /8). Moreover, Lebanon has partly shown that it is a cohesive, organized collective that makes it difficult for Qatar's and Saudi Arabia's attacking play in the previous two matches.

    Before the clash on 17 January 2019, Korea and Lebanon met twice at the Asian Cup qualifiers in September and October 2017. The match at home in September 2017, Korea accepted -3/4 according to Asian markets and drew 2-2. Reunited a month later on Lebanon, Korea accepted +1/4 and lost 0-5. In the end, Korea lost all the way to Asia against Lebanon.

    Notably, the next meeting in the UAE, Lebanon accepts to -3/4 under the Asian contract. The main market is even shifting to -1 when the North Korean food spot is constantly fluctuating with a rise and vice versa is a downward trend in the choice of Lebanon. In general, it is almost impossible to find a reason to believe in Korea in the final round of the Asian Cup Group E 2019.

    UAE 2019: Lebanon vs North Korea 4-1 All Goals Highlights Today 17/1/2019   

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