Maccabi FOX Tel Aviv - FC Barcelona Lassa Highlights | EuroLeague RS Round 19

Maccabi FOX Tel Aviv - FC Barcelona Lassa Highlights | EuroLeague RS Round 19
    Watch Maccabi Tel Aviv T-A vs Barcelona live Stream Today 17/1/2018 online Euroleague
    Maccabi FOX Tel Aviv - FC Barcelona Lassa Highlights | EuroLeague RS Round 19, Prediction for the match Maccabi Tel Aviv - Barcelona January 17, Euroleague
    In Tel Aviv Maccabi will play with Barcelona - this will happen in the next Euroleague basketball match. 

    The home court factor means a lot to both teams, but in this case, the advantage of Maccabi players is that they should be considered favorites.

    Maccabi Tel Aviv

    The Israelis have a set of very strong performers - traditionally many in the composition of the Americans, who can boast a high level of individual abilities. Here and Wilbekin, one of the best players in Europe in its position, and Black, who has experience in the NBA and the physical data for this, and many other at least quality shooters. Most of the performers, with a due degree of desire, can well manifest themselves on both halves of the site, and given the good mood after the victory over CSKA, we can see the manifestations of the best qualities from Maccabi players in everything.


    Barcelona is going very well on the calendar - the team does not know the bitterness of defeat for quite some time. But you need to understand that either the Catalans played at home, where they are unusually good, or on the road had to play with fairly weak opponents - on the road against Maccabi it will be very difficult for them to win again.

    Personal meeting statistics

    Matches between Maccabi and Barcelona are usually based on the principle “who plays at home - he won”. It's hard not to agree with this, if you look at the statistics of the last matches between these teams - in the last 4 meetings, those who had the advantage of the home ground won. So, on November 1 last year, within the framework of the 5th round of the regular championship, the teams faced each other in the latest squads: that meeting ended with a score of 74-58 in favor of the Catalans. What is surprising is that Viktor Klaver, who is usually statistically inconspicuous, who scored 14 points and made 7 rebounds, became the most effective player on the court.

    Turning to the tournament position of each team, it would be advisable to note that the place of the opponents in the table was not the start of the season, but its continuation. Both teams showed very mediocre basketball in the first half to two months, but then the Catalans were able to make a step forward in terms of the quality of the game, and the Israelis are just starting to do it. And because of this, we can see Barça at 6th place in the table, and Maccabi - at 11.


    Now Maccabi scored a very good move - a victory over CSKA, is also an away, in the last round should have the most positive impact on the mood inside the team. There are a lot of American artists in the Israeli team, whose condition and, consequently, efficiency at the site depend on the mood, this is a very big help: Wilbekin and the company must show a very high-quality game in all aspects, and especially the attacker. Speaking of Barse, you need to say that on the road it does not look so confident, and therefore it is worth leaning towards the bid to win the hosts.

    Maccabi FOX Tel Aviv - FC Barcelona Lassa Highlights | EuroLeague RS Round 19

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