Watch PAS Giannina vs AEK live Stream video online Today 14/1/2019 Greece Super League

Watch PAS Giannina vs AEK live Stream video online Today 14/1/2019 Greece Super League
    Watch PAS Giannina vs AEK live Stream video online Today 14/1/2019 Greece Super League
    Watch PAS Giannina vs AEK live Stream video online Today 14/1/2019 Greece Super League, Football Tips Pas Giannina vs AEK Athens - 00h30 on January 14, 2019 - Greece Football League - Greece Super League.

    The performance of Pas Giannina last time is very erratic. They only won 1 match over the last 5 matches. On the opposite side, AEK Athens comes to this match and goes out to be unbeaten in the last 5/6 matches, the remaining 3 wins and 2 draws. In terms of confrontation performance, AEK Athens has a clear advantage when winning 5, drawing 3 and losing only 2 of the 10 closest matches. Statistics 4/5 touch screen back here between the two teams closed without exceeding the milestone 2 goals per match.

    The current situation in the Greek cabinet is showing AEK Athens is really troubled. In the immediate future, the visitors have been suppressed by the hope of winning the championship because at this time, they have only 24 points while the top team of PAOK has 38 points. However, apart from winning the championship, AEK Athens also has another goal to attend the Champions League. First, talking about Athens this year, they are playing very well in the Continental arena. Specifically, under 6 rounds in the Champions League group stage, Group E, they lost all 6 matches and had to leave the tournament with 0 points in hand, scored exactly 2 goals and conceded 13 times. Needless to say, this achievement is extremely bad compared to other teams in the tournament. However, thanks to being excluded from both the Champions League and the Europa League, AEK Athens will have more time to focus its efforts on the domestic league. Knowing that, besides AEK Athens, PAOK - the current top team, also brought their suitcases home and were excluded from the European arena completely. The only remaining Greek representative in the international arena is Olympiacos has advanced into Knock-outs qualifiers. Thus, in the short term, Athens will hardly be able to resist PAOK at the top of BXH. But getting back to the top 3 or the top 2 is in their ability. Today, encountering Pas Giannina is a good opportunity for the visitors to improve their score before there is a break in position on the standings.

    Speaking of today's opponents of Athens as well as home team Pas Giannina, this team is currently only ranked 12th in the standings. Their position is close to the team that has to play relegation play-offs. Talking about the performance of the tournament is clear, the home team will be unable to compare with the team that was once a symbol in the Greek national league. Specifically, after 14 rounds, Athens has 8 wins, 3 draws and 3 losses, reaching 24 points (3 points deducted due to the decision of the national football federation). Meanwhile, Giannina only has 4 wins, 2 draws and 8 losses after the series, only 14 points in hand. Just look at the results of the two teams after 14 rounds, it can be seen that the home team could not compare with the Athens team. Of course, the head-to-head achievement of the two teams is also leaning towards the visitors. Specifically, in 13 historic encounters, Athens had 7 victories, 4 home draws and 2 victories for Giannina. With the above statistics.

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