Watch Vietnam vs Iran live Stream Today 12/1/2019 online AFC Asian Cup Football

Watch Vietnam vs Iran live Stream Today 12/1/2019 online AFC Asian Cup Football
    Watch Vietnam vs Iran live Stream Today 12/1/2019 online AFC Asian Cup Football
    Watch Vietnam vs Iran live Stream Today 12/1/2019 online AFC Asian Cup Football , Losing Iraq in the 2019 Asian Cup trophy, Vietnam Tel is in a difficult position in the race to win tickets to the 1/8 round. To raise the hope of going forward, Park Hang Seo's teachers and coaches need to win at least 1 point against Iran in the second game of Group D.

    This is a very difficult task for the AFF Cup winner 2018. Because, Iran is the power of Asian football, they are also the most serious candidate for the 2019 Asian Cup championship.

    In the list of 23 Iranian players that Coach Carlos Queiroz brought to the UAE to compete in the 2019 Asian Cup, there are 18 players competing in the 2018 World Cup finals, which the team is close to causing seismic before Spain to win tickets.

    On the latest FIFA rankings, Vietnam Tel ranked 100th in the world, 17th in Asia and Iran ranked 29th in the world and in the top of the continent. In the Asian Cup, Iran won the championship three times (1968, 1972, 1976) and this is the second time Vietnam has participated in the tournament of the biggest football festival in the continent.

    In terms of quality, squad value and all other statistics, Iran is superior to Vietnam. Therefore, the duel between the two teams is likened to the screen of the giant and the tiny guy.

    Not many domestic, regional and Asian football experts believe in Vietnam beat or draw Iran. Because, right in the 2019 Asian Cup final, this team has gained power with a 5-0 victory over Yemen.

    But, as Vietnam captain, Coach Park Hang Seo is still very confident. Speaking at the pre-match press conference, the South Korean strategist said: "Iran is a stronger, more experienced team, but we have a youthful element. With great determination and concentration, I believe that Vietnam Phone will overcome the challenge named Iran.

    Coach Park Hang Seo admitted, Iran is the strongest team in Asia, having more tradition and experience than Vietnam. But, in his expression, Mr. Park also told Iran that Vietnam is young, but not easy to bully. Besides, the South Korean strategist clearly showed the ambition to knock down Iran to create the earthquake.

    Football is a sport that contains many surprises in which the strong are not necessarily the final winners. At the finals of the 2018 World Cup, no one thought Korea could knock the defending champion to a 2-0 score, thereby seeing off the "Tank" back to the country early.

    In the 2007 Asian Cup, Iraq was still in the sea of ​​blood with consecutive bombings. The football background of this country is seriously affected, most players have to go abroad to play. Iraq itself was not appreciated in that tournament. However, this team fought with a hot heart, a cold head to win the championship.

    Even in the 2019 Asian Cup, Jordan was not appreciated, but they were shocked, when he knocked down the Australian champion in the game. After that, he went on to win a 2-0 victory over Syria in the second match, to become the first team to win a ticket to the 1/8 round.

    Identify the Vietnam phone vs the Asian Cup 2019 table picture 3
    Coach Park Hang Seo and Quang Hai are confident before the battle with Iran
    VOV.VN - Korean strategist affirmed, Vietnam Tel did not tremble before Iran in the duel in the second round of the 2019 Asian Cup group stage.
    Vietnam is under the door to Iran, but Mr. Park and his students do not need to be afraid. In the past, the Vietnam Olympics had knocked down the Iranian Olympic Games in 2014 with a 4-1 score by playing defense counter-attack.

    After that match, Iranian Olympic coach Nelo Vingada admired the fighting spirit of the Vietnam Olympics and affirmed that the team of coach Toshiya Miura deserved to win 3 points for better playing, taking better opportunities.

    Incheon's 4-1 victory in 2014, the homeland of coach Park Hang Seo is a doping dose big enough to help the Vietnamese warriors confidently fight against Iran. Although Iran is strong, Quang Hai and his teammates have great faith and determination can still create seismic.

    In football as well as life, dreams are not taxed so teachers and coaches Park Hang Seo as well as Vietnamese football fans have the right to dream, waiting for miracles, just like we did in Changzhou. and Indonesia.

    Watch Vietnam vs Iran live Stream Today 12/1/2019 online AFC Asian Cup Football   

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